Invitation to Attend the Following Upcoming Retail Management Workshops for September – December, 2018


To support retailers to cope with today’s dynamic and challenging retail ecosystem, be profitable and grow sustainably, Bervidson Retail Group, Nigeria’s premier retail consulting, training, coaching and development group and conveners of The Retail Leaders Conference is presenting the following retail management and development workshops.





    – SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2018 @ N199,500
    This is a 2-day training workshop for total success in retail management for Senior Retail Managers and Leaders! Attend and receive Invaluable leading edge information, knowledge and insights to take your retail business to heights beyond your wildest imagination.It is new, it is pragmatic and a complete breathe refresher! The ROI is simply mind blowing!! Enrol today!!!


    – SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 @ N49,500

    This workshop is designed to develop a leadership mind-set, new skills and behaviours in managers and team leads, so they are ready to manage and lead, act decisively on strategic opportunities and drive greater business successes for the whole organisation.It is an interactive workshop that will push people to leave feeling empowered and inspired to make a difference with their team, customers, organisation and most importantly themselves.



  • Retail Math, Metrics & Analytics Workshop
    – SEPTEMBER 24 2018 @ N49,500
    A day workshop filled with intensive discussion and practical sessions on the most important Retail Management Metrics, KPI’s and Retail Analytics that every retailer must know, understand and use the insights derived to improve business performance. The success of your retail operations has a lot to do with accurately determining, measuring and improving your Key Performance Indicator.Discussions on Balance Scorecard design and implementation in retail, Profit Multipliers, Store analytics, footfall analytics and staff optimization are also included in this workshop. 


  • Retail Customer Service Fundamentals Workshop
    – OCTOBER 4, 2018 @ N49,500
    The Retail Customer Service Fundamentals Workshop is designed to provide essential training on customer service that will get your frontline associates up to speed and ready in a very short time.
    This workshop guarantees that the frontline associates – new old – performs the requisite customer service flawlessly that leaves the customer with ‘WOW’ experience that guarantees repeat business, loyalty and referrals which ultimately increases sales and profits for the business.In addition the workshop will provide participants both with the “why” and “how to” of great customer service and experience.



    October 9, 2018 @ N49,500
    The Retail Selling Skills for Superior Results Workshop is designed to help your sales associates sells more at higher margins consistently and exceed past performance.Profitable sales are what drive ALL businesses and the retail business is front and centre with this concept. Whether you are an individual or a large company, everything else being equal, the best way to generate more sales is to improve your frontline team’s ability to perform.This workshop will greatly support your team to increase customer satisfaction & retention, loyalty and positive advocacy using global retailing best practices and principles.



    – OCTOBER 16-17, 2018. @ N259,500  

    The Retail Business Management for Owners, CEOs & COOs Workshop is designed for
    C-Level retail business executives and leaders with implementation powers (Retail Business Owners, CEOs & COOs) who desires to make a difference in their retail businesses and win every single day in today’s dynamic retail ecosystem. These are retail executives and leaders constantly seeking to increase knowledge, find answers to challenges questions and gain understanding of global best practice principles for retail success to correctly navigate today’s challenging business environment and learn what contributes most to the bottom line and overall success the organization.To every retail leader who seeks to win in today’s dynamic retail ecosystem, we recommend the ‘Retail Business Management for Owners, CEOs & COOs Workshop’ because it is the one place you’ll be guaranteed to get the answers.



  • Retail Outlet / Store Operations Management Workshop
    – OCTOBER 22-23, 2018 @ N99,500
    The Retail Outlet / Store Operations Management Workshop is designed for Retail Outlet / Store Manager who needs real action strategies to perform effectively and successful at delivering more than target sales and profits for the business.This Workshop includes global best practice, performance techniques, tactics and methods that guarantees your customers and store teams the experiences that motivates greater engagement, more sales and profits for the business.The Workshop goes beyond ‘just learning’; it’s refreshing, and it’s empowering. Your managers, team leads and their assistants will will return to your outlets/stores with a renewed sense of purpose and pride in executing their roles both as managers and leaders.



  • Retail Inventory Management Workshop
    – NOVEMBER 6-7, 2018. @ N99,500
    The Inventory Management Workshop is designed to help retail management personnel understand retail inventory – its true and full cost; and why dead inventory is ‘cancer’ to profitability.One of the most time-consuming tasks in operating a retail business is keeping up with inventory. Unless the retailers have a very narrow product mix, they will spend a significant amount of time tracking inventory. Although it requires work and discipline to maintain, a good understanding of what inventory management is, why it matters and how to effectively and efficiently manage inventory will make it easier for the business to meet the needs of your customers, generate more sales and profits that key to growing a successful business.



“The scope and delivery are first class. I feel better informed and ready
to make changes. 
I have gotten value for money.”
– Adeola Ade-Ojo, Owner/CEO @ Deola (formerly Deola Sagoe)

“It is very informative. The course is very analytical; therefore results
in one’s organization can be measured and evaluated.”
– Modupe Ogunlesi, Owner/CEO @ Adam & Eve Shop

“I have been attending retail training but this one is unique in terms of delivery as the facilitator is always asking and listening to our feedbacks. The training is very interactive. The training really broadened my knowledge about retail store management.”
– Farouk Adebayo, Store Manager @ Market Square




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