Customer Service Management Workshop


Great customer service is a big differentiator in retail business. While competing products are often similar and are often easily duplicated, good customer service and experience is a holistic system, requiring a sustained organization-wide effort, driven from the top and permeate all aspects of the organization culture. The resulting customer-centric organization becomes a formidable competitor whose model cannot be easily copied.

In this workshop, we look at what it takes to build a customer centric organization.

Workshop Objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • develop a holistic view of what customer service & experience means
  • create objectives and programs to maximize internal customer satisfaction
  • evaluate, design, implement and analyse customer satisfaction levels
  • use customer complaints as springboard for service improvement
  • write service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure clarity and conformity
  • assess the service aspect of the organization or department through well-chosen key performance indicators (KPIs)

Target Audience

Executives, managers and decision makers who are keen on improving performance through great customer service and experience as well as customer service managers and team leads interested in advanced customer service tools.

2 Days

 9:00 – 5:00 pm Daily

 N99,500 Per Participant (Group Rate Available)



Defining and appreciating the customer

  • Who is a customer
  • The internal and external customer
  • Defining customer service

Importance of the internal customer

  • The need for motivated employees
  • The need for qualified employees
  • Destroying the silos mentality

Customer service as a strategic imperative

  • From ‘suspect’ to ‘partner’
  • Going up the ladder
  • The ‘KANO’ model’
  • Basic’ attributes
  • Performance’ attributes
  • Delight’ attributes
  • The customer centric organization
  • Customer service as a strategic imperative
  • The key practices of Customer-centric organization

Customer satisfaction as a strategic objective

  • Understanding and developing your customers profiles
  • Understanding customers’ wants and needs
  • Customer segmentation – Importance, principles & strategies
  • Customer satisfaction – Principles, methods and evaluation
  • Service quality (ServQual) gaps model

Customer complaints and service recovery

  • Facts and their implications
  • Symptom versus cause
  • Root cause analysis
  • The recovery paradox
  • Turning complaints into opportunities – Tactical activities
  • Trust – The strategic initiative and how to gain it
  • The ‘WOW!’ factor

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • SLA definition
  • Characteristics of effective SLAs
  • Key elements of an SLA
  • Steps in SLA development
  • Quality versus cost
  • SLA metrics – Evaluation & monitoring

KPIs for customer service

  • Monitoring performance through key performance indicators
  • Building customer service KPIs and measurement

Balanced Scorecard in customer service management

  • Balance Scorecard design and application

Customer experience management

  • Managing the moment of truth
  • Learning from the masters
  • Customer experience as the new mantra for retail success


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