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Retail Technology Solutions

As retailing in Nigeria and the West Africa Sub-Region transforms, and retail organisation catch up with best practices, optimising operations is key to success.

Success in the retail industry is conditional to one thing: Precision. Using the right tools, you will capitalize on more opportunities, eliminate costly mistakes and maximize your resources.

Solving The POS Challenge – The Right POS Solution For Your Retail Business

Bervidson work with key international partners to provide apposite retail technology and information management solutions to retailers.

A key retailing challenge for retailers in Nigeria and the West Africa Sub-Region is getting the right retail software (POS) that will optimise their operations. For many retailers this challenge has become a nightmare.

Welcome To The World’s No. 1 & Best POS Solution For The Management Of Your Retail Operations

Following extensive research and international reviews of retail technology boards, Bervidson has chosen Cegid as its preferred partner to offer its retail software solution - YourCegid Retail - to discerning retailers in Nigeria and the West African Sub-Region.

Why We Choose Cegid 

Cegid is an international player leader, and a global provider of cloud services and software for retailers. We choose Cegid because based on objective evaluation by international software rating organisations and boards like Gartner Market Guide for Digital-Business-Ready POS, RIS Software LeaderBoard, CIO Outlook Top 10 Retail POS Providers; and have evaluated retail software solutions in areas we believe are highly important for POS digital business transformation, including:

  • Architecture
  • POS Implementations in and Across the Channels
  • Execution of Cross-Channel Customer Processes at POS
  • Synthesis Between POS and OMS
  • Converging Capabilities
  • Data and Analytic Capabilities
  • Hardware and Software Bundle Options
  • Vendor Support Locations
  • Vendor Implementations in Geographies and Segments

Cegid’s placement in the Gartner’s POS Market Guide for instance, validates the company’s ability to provide retailers with solutions that connect all customer touchpoints, so they can deliver a personalized experience and gain a holistic view of their shoppers, products and retail chains. Therefore, we have chosen to partner with Cegid in the delivery of suitable retail software solutions to retailers in Nigeria and West African Sub-Region.

Cegid demonstrates solid in-store, full POS capability in decent-sized multichannel implementations, as well as to support digital business requirements of cloud mobile, social, big data and the IoT.

Key Features:

  • Point of Sale
     Yourcegid Retail helps boost customer service by increasing the speed of transactions. It also improves staff efficiency as it equips them with real-time inventory information, customer purchase history and promotions at their fingertips. The software is cross-channel so retailers can exchange data across multiple channels, creating a seamless shopping experience for the customer.

  • Web Access Technology
     Yourcegid Retail is available online so a new point of sale can be up and running in a matter of minutes. The web access technology lowers the total cost of ownership, as retailers do not need expensive server hardware. Yourcegid Retail is run off main servers so all data is real-time. This allows for up to the minute reporting and decision-making. If internet connection is lost then the software runs in autonomous mode and synchronizes as soon as the connection is restored.

  • Mobile
     Yourcegid Retail can reach beyond the aisles and the stock room, and even outside the confines of the store itself, using mobile technology. This innovative solution improves efficiency (with increased sales and customer satisfaction) while reducing the time devoted to back office operations (inventory, shipping/receiving functions etc.). It can also act as an extra point-of-sale during peak trading periods.

  • Ease of Use
     Yourcegid Retail has an intuitive, graphical and touch screen user interface, making it easy to train new employees. This speeds up the training process while reducing user errors and lowering operational costs.

  • CRM and Loyalty
     Yourcegid Retail equips retailers with the tools to build relationships with their customers, firstly by effectively capturing and analyzing customer data and then segmenting them accordingly. Yourcegid Retail helps retailers create targeted marketing campaigns based on previous purchases. The solution also enables retailers to manage multiple and simultaneous loyalty programs, which in turn encourages higher market basket value.

  • Inventory and Replenishment
     Yourcegid Retail is fully integrated to support end to end inventory and merchandising management functions and has been developed using a combination of Cegid’s expertise in speciality retailing and the experience of implementing software solutions in over 1,100 retailers across 75 countries.

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